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I am starting a new series of drawings and paintings based on people from my favorite street style blogs. The whole process has been a bit confusing because I am not sure if I should devote a whole blog to this series and get a new url or just include it here.

I also haven’t decided:
1. Which medium to use (pen or pencil)
2. Should the people should be drawn realistically or as cartoons?
3. Should my drawings be wearing the exact same colors as the photograph or do I take artistic license?
4. Should I color them in digitally or with watercolor or vary it?

What do you think?

This cute girl I’ve had saved on my computer for months. I love her lil romper and long long legs. I drew her with pencil and colored it in with gouache. Based on this photograph from facehunter

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latest blog incarnation:

check out: color me in

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check out more posts on my new blog! color me in

here is a tease

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yes i can. and it's here
i'm trying to phase out my livejournals and go a bit more profesh. i've already posted a few entries to the new home. http://www.notkeren.com/writing
check it
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Today is my friend Leti's birthday party. In honor of the choice in Greenpoint venue, The Diamond, we christened Elizabeth Taylor patron saint and called it "White Diamonds." You know, "These have always brought me luck" 80's perfume. Everyone is being told to wear white. There will be white decorations and foods (fancy cake, cupcakes, snacks of all varietals) and diamond themed art and streamers. To top it off, James is setting up a DIY photo booth. Oh, and the whole night will be coupled with a black light, so it will look epic.

I. Can't. Wait.

I am making a mix of late 80's / 90's party jams (Crystal Waters, Dandy Warhols, En Vogue, L'trimm, Harvey Danger, Dee-Lite). I am mostly looking forward to reliving 1990 talent show and gym class synchronized dance numbers to "Cannonball" and "Gonna Make You Sweat"

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My youngest sister and I recently collaborated on a short film inspired by Namuth's film "Jackson Pollock '51." Of course, ours is far more childlike. Especially because it features whimsical imagery which informs my work and my awkward hand drawing and painting to the tune of Saint Vincent and Vampire Weekend.

(You may also notice that this piece recently became the basis for my first Vans sneaker.)

Hope you enjoy this small peak into my artistic process!

vans video

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this weekend, james and i drove to south hampton to stay at a free crash pad courtesy of earnest sewn. i'd never been to any east coast vacation "destination" but now i'm totally curious to go to montauk and newport. 40 million dollar homes? $250,000 a month summer rentals? members only beaches? it sounds so douchey but it was fascinating and not surprisingly, really beautiful.

i found a bouquet of balloons at an intersection and we took photos in front of 10 foot high manicured hedges and ran around gleefully. after a day at the beach, strolling down main street, and mushroom burgers, we headed to cat's apartment.

the kids were too tired to go out. so, with sheal and will in tow, we headed to 7-eleven and bought the most epic 7th-grade spread and ordered the worst movie of all time on pay-per-view (27 dresses) and did jello shots. it was super fun.

3 charleston chews
1 bag of sourpatch kids
3 glasses of wine (for me)
2 sparks black
3 mikes hard lemonades in a can
1 pizza combos
1 pint of cookie dough icecream
1 sour patch kids
1 incredible hulk big culp (which inspired the party pix)
2 packs of batteries for our inflatable mattress
1 slim jim
1 pack of bubble gum
1 push pop
total count: INSANE
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annie - i know yr girlfriend hates me
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tried this out. we'll see how it goes
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I am back from Seattle and in the thick of getting my life together. After a red eye flight, Leti and I headed to dinner at Cafe Orlin and then the richest ice cream ever at Chinatown Ice Cream company. I like how their "exotic" flavors are rocky road but the "standard" are lychee and red bean and probably almond cookie.

Scheduled a dentist appointment via a yelp review. I can't tell if this is a horrible idea, but I don't have health insurance so i figure I have the whole city to choose from. My last venture with 1800-Dentist ended in total disaster. The office was disgusting and falling apart with stained ceiling and carpet and my hygienist didn't talk to me and instead held up signs written in a child's scratching that said "I've lost my voice. I am weirdo dude" and then commands like "spit" which he'd then point to. It was nerve wracking, not comical!

Back to Seattle:

I ended up finding a way to Sub Pop 20 via my hotel's complimentary shuttle service. I wish I had known about it earlier and saved the headache. The Foals were great, even if they seemed to be having equipment problems. The next day as I stood in line to get a coffee and scone they were all standing in front of me. I wanted to say something, but I refrained.

The art I did for Boost Mobile was all over the Sub Pop event, but the favorite image I gave them for a cut out figure (the only one that consisted of my idea, not one they suggested) they cut. So I will present you with the two rejects. Keep in mind, the faces would have been cut out holes.

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i landed in seattle very late last night and ended up on vans' dime in the cutest slickest hotel that oddly has a klaxons cd as suggested listening in the cd player. it's called hotel max and i wish i was here sharing it! traveling is more fun with a friend.

i am here for the final leg of the "sneaker tour" but a day early because i was mistaken and thought the 20th anniversary sub pop event started on friday. i'll be exploring but it feels sort of strange to be in a city alone and without a map.

saturday i head to nordstroms and finish my big plexi-painting and then someone wins the raffle and takes it home.

i am currently trying to scam a ride to the sub pop event so i can see no age, the foals, and wolf parade. boost mobile (the sponsor) hooked me up with vip tix since i made those cut-out-face figures for the event. thing is, the show is like 10 miles outside of the city and i don't see a train that goes there.

hitchiking? craigslist? teh internets? halp plz

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i just made a new muxtape which features cassie's band the vivian girls and some new bands, 90's music, old disco and new wave treats.

bows and arrows

Danny Elfman & Mystic Knights Of Oingo Boingo - Through The Intestines
Family Fodder - Savoir Faire
Trophy - Slow Flight
A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
Brother Ali - Truth Is (clean)
The Black Ghosts - Repitition
Smashing Pumkins - 1979
Lykke Li - Little bit
Vivian Girls - Tell the World
Abe Vigoda - Dead City/Waste Wilderness
Lene Lovich - Lucky Number
1ere (premiere) Classe - Pouppee Flash

last muxtape playlist:
melody day

Jacques Dutronc - Et moi, et moi, et moi
The Motions - Everything (That's Mine)
Foals - Balloons
Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment
Dislocation Dance - It's So Difficult
Jim Noir - My Patch
White Williams - Headlines
Suicide - Shadazz
Broadcast - Black cat
St. Vincent - Now, Now
Young Marble Giants - Final Day
Menomena - Cough Coughing

i also just stumbled upon the boost mobile blog while looking for their seattle event. i didn't realize they displayed my art huge and interviewed bands in front of it during sxsw. pretty cool.

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Monday, I returned from a ten day west coast "business trip." James and I headed to San Francisco and So Cal to promote my signature Vans sneaker that came out on June first. Vans had me painting on plexi, drawing on and signing sneakers at Nordstroms in each city.

In between each event we met each other's family, hit up Laguna Beach, Malibu, and Zuma beach, walked around various neighborhoods in San Francisco, Sausalito, Santa Monica, and LA, ate blackened tofu mushroom burgers at Taco Chulo and went on a mini shopping spree at vintage and stores in Berkeley. I even saw my aunt and cousins I hadn't seen since 1992. It was awesome!

Come July 11th I'll be back on the road, but this time to Seattle. Anyone live there? I don't know a soul.

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i've been combing through the internet looking for images to draw. there are several large scale paintings on the horizon and i'm not the most adept at drawing hands without reference. while organizing, i noticed a trend...

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James keeps taking me on epic dates. First, it was surprise tickets to see Hamlet in Central Park, and Sunday it was tickets for Breathless at the MOMA. Afterwards, we stopped by the Olafur Eliasson exhibit; a total visual mind-fuck. I snapped these photos. totally "ipod", no?


While Rebecca was hanging out with the whole Project Runway gang (including Heidi Klum, Christian Siriano, Austin Scarlett, and Tim Gunn) Leti and I were on the 13th floor of an apartment building in the West Village celebrating a book launch for some book about psychedelic 60's crashpads. Complete with Oakley from the Rondelles / The Witnesses playing guitar and peace sign cookies, champagne cocktails, and a slew of people who probably pranced around naked, high on LSD, with flowers in the hair. Circa 1968.
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leti, james and i had breakfast at egg and then sauntered over to the maccaren pool for the renegade craft fair. it was no surprise there were a dozen silk screened t-shirt and poster booths, hand-stitched twee animals, necklaces made with wood or featuring icons like the octopus or keys.

what was surprising was that icons that are so played out at this point (the finch, the cupcake, the mustache, the deer) are still going strong. seriously? haven't we reached a saturation point where things i found "cute" in 2003 and 2004 are finally dead? moveon.org people.

what would have been cooler: tie dye, string art, moroccan tiles, ancient egyptian necklaces, friendship bracelets, doll houses. actually, no, because then i'd be sick of them.

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the gingham swimsuit looked so bad on me! it arrived in the mail last night and i had an impromptu fashion show and hobbled back to the bedroom and threw it in a pile in the corner. i look like a troll doll. i'm going to have to return it.

maybe i'll just go to macy's.

i also just renewed my lease and have now officially given up trying to find a "charming" one bedroom that james could theoretically move into. everything is overpriced, gut renovated, or doesn't have closets or won't allow me a portable dishwasher. who knew i had such a love for a machine that can wash my cereal bowls? i'm irrational. i guess i don't *need* to go, so i'll spare myself the stress. even though, literally checking out fifty apartments was stress enough.

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perhaps i should illustrate these? i have been holding onto them in my joke reference folder for years.


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in high school, a journey to southern california couldn't have been complete without a stop by split pea anderson's and taking "face in hole" cutout photos. it's random and sort of perfect that i've just been asked to illustrate my own "retro 80's summer" version for a seattle concert on july 11th. i'll even be in town for vans, so i'll get to take a photo of myself inside of my own drawings.

i've been given some suggestions, but perhaps there are some really off the wall ideas out there. it's got to be random and weird enough to encourage people to snap a photo. hit me with your best shot.


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ever since the season changed, and it's become time to wear shorts and swimsuits, i've been on a bit of a beauty binge. i've begun looking into totally vain stupid treatments i don't need but i want to try. case in point: eyelash extensions at barneys, spray tans, or joining a gym and getting a one-off session with a personal trainer so i can figure out a fitness routine. i feel like i've been watching too many episodes of the hills and its seeping into my brain.

here are two swimsuits i have been feeling. when i go to la and sf in two weeks i plan on taking a dip in a pool. it's been a year and before that it'd been four years. i'm modest and the idea of prancing around half naked scares me, so a one-piece seems ideal. i don't know which of these i like best. it's annoying that they're only available at urban outfitters online.

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has anyone ever done an ear candle? they are sort of crazy but awesome. i would like my hearing to improve about a million percent. although i don't know if this happens, but i have heard....
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james and i ended up taking a zipcar to beacon, new york today. totally beautiful weather coupled with a couple of hours spent in local antique stores and with the dia collection. the work (sera, richter, flavin, etc) isn't the type i'm usually moved by, but it was nice to see some of the pieces in person and in such an epic space. later, we ended up at a huge mall in nyack, watching indiana jones.

i wish i could see the show i just did this poster for. i love yacht and mika miko make the crowd go bananas.

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