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fashion week begins today. i'm not sure what i'll be able to…

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fashion week begins today. i'm not sure what i'll be able to sneak into, but i've rsvped for some parties sponsored by daily candy and surface and who knows what else. stefan sagmeister has a show that goes up tonight at deitch and i'm heading to that in ten.

i started a new series that took my interest in islamic and scandinavian patterns and swapped out the enamel for metallic origami paper. i never had much luck with metallic paints, so i worked it out using paper and plan on coating everything with resin. my first attempts at tissue paper failed because the transparency i was going for just looked too kindergarten. the origami paper is more forgiving and i like the intensity of the color.

cutting with an x-acto is pretty simple and the whole process becomes meditative through the repetitive cut cut cuts. it's probably somewhat like knitting except more dangerous.

i bought some concentrated pigment today at guerra paint and pigment and tomorrow i'll mix it with urethane and see how it goes. they said it'll be less toxic than the enamels i was using.
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On February 1st, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC), bassline commented:
The varied papers and patterns you're using are striking. Nice work. Good luck with the parties.
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