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so, in between some serious work there has been some serious web surfing going on in these parts. which is bad, because it makes me lust for more clothing, even after i thought i had polished off all my needs wants post-sample sale bonanza:

the lyell dress, blouse, jacket, and cami i scored (each for 75 percent off) the philip lim dress (also 75 percent off) at jumelle... for starters.

but. no. now i want a jerome dreyfus bag, a necklace by aesa, and some lattice flats from f troupe. dying!

i will be on the canal-street hunt for a dreyfus fake, although the chances are slim. but they did make gryson fakes, so who knows!

from oak from bird from shop bop
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On March 31st, 2008 10:42 pm (UTC), ___downtown81 commented:
that bag in that pic is gorgeous.

oh, and i was going through a magazine the other day [nylon i think?] and there was a page with a bunch of cute totes and i saw one with your work on it for vans and that made me happy.

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