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i made a new muxtape. this one is for may. my birthday month. moving…

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i made a new muxtape. this one is for may. my birthday month. moving to new apartments and studios month. tying up lose ends month. maybe directing my first music video month. i want to show you my treatment, but i think i should keep it on the down low.

here you go: http://paperhouses.muxtape.com/

Rebbecca got me in on the Yelle list the other night. Yelle is fucking cute energetic fantastic. The crowd went bonkers. Best show I've been to in ages.

James and I ended up heading to the Tribecca Grand and running into Sheal (who'd just djed) and then to some bizarro secret party in a meat packing district loft. Followed by five am dinner at Florent. It was a very "New York" night, filled with pretty girls in six inch heels puking on themselves on cobble stoned streets and girls sitting next to us yelling, "OMG I love Courbet-- Let's go to Sothby's this week and check out the post impressionist works!!!" it was weird.

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the feelies - loveless love
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On May 7th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC), victorcharlie commented:
my manhattan friedns dragged me out to that yelle show. it was yonkers. lots of kids in lame. im going to favorite your mix. mines victorcharlie.muxtape.com i just deleted it but one will be up very soon.
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On May 8th, 2008 04:04 pm (UTC), point5 commented:
listening to yr mix at this moment. its keeping me from fallin asleep at work.
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