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Vans was about to book me flights and hotels to SF, LA, and Seattle,…

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Vans was about to book me flights and hotels to SF, LA, and Seattle, but I asked if I could do it myself and invoice them. I have all these jet blue points and wanna rack up free flights. Now I have to figure out which boutique hotels are options in each city.

James said he'd like to come with me, so I'm going to meet his parents and unleash him upon mine. Maybe take a drive to Mexico and stock up on some summer dresses and sandals once we have his parent's car.

Maison 140 (Beverly Hills):

Ace hotel (Seattle):

(I think) I want to stay in the Ace Hotel and Kelly Wearstler's designed Maison 140. Since I grew up in the Bay Area I've never stayed in a hotel there, nor do I know any that are cute.

Any suggestions?
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On May 20th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC), inertiastar commented:
I personally can't vouch for this one, but a good friend of mine pointed me here as a place to stay in SF next time I go back: http://www.sfhoteldesarts.com/index.php

Last time I was there, I stayed here - http://www.themosser.com/
I liked that they had a recording studio in the hotel.. gave it a fun vibe..
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