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i didn't go out last night. missed both the ben cho fashion show…

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i didn't go out last night. missed both the ben cho fashion show and the opening ceremony party. instead, rebecca and i worked and worked. i held out in the studio from noon till three am (she didn't sleep). i painted and paintstakingly cutting a few more pieces, and then covered each with resin. if they are not dry by noon i am dead. i need to research the harmful effects of using resin in a room without a ventilator (the windows and door was open. is that enough?) combined with the absence of glove and goggles. am i going to now have cancer? what about when i use enamel paint? fuck.

while she was sewing, next to all my toxic glory, she made herself a fancy silk number (grey circle skirt, pintuck blouse, with gradated silver detachable collared necklaces) for the new york magazine feature. at this moment she's being photographed and i'm headed to cinders to drop off our work.

at 2, i'm going to try to sneak into karen walker's show at the altman building. turns out alyssa's kiwi husband knows her. maybe that will help our chances.
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On February 5th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC), megabad commented:
duddde just buy a respirator! they are pretty cheap and totally worth it, i know a lot of older printer guys who use enamel based inks and pee all over themselves(and are also hypersensitive to smell). how are you gonna make a diaper sexy?! i got my respirator about 3 or 4 years ago and it was around 45 bucks.
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